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The team is very easy to work with and very professional. I will not hesitate to recommend this team to anyone who would like to capture their important moments in life.

Queeny & Kenneth

早於 2012, 在哥哥 Bryant Yu & Grace Leung 的婚禮見識到 Siuming 的作品後,已認定將來結婚時,一定會找他拍。現在 2016, 結婚後的一個月, 我更堅持, 有 Siuming 當我們的 big day photographer 是其中一件最珍貴同「抵」的事情。
在 wedding planning 的過程中, 我一直都認為 big day photographer, videographer 及 MUA 是最應該被重視的三項。pre wedding 個 pose 擺得唔靚可擺到靚為止先影; 影完睇相機 display 唔鐘意可以同攝影師溝通提議; 到最後, 成輯影得唔滿意都可隨時再影過。big day 呢, 每一分一秒, 都是我們人生最重要的時刻, 不能造作, 不能倒帶, 不能重來。作為新娘子, big day 亦無暇及不能理會攝影師當天的表現。Siuming 完全 deserve 我地 200% 的信任, 因為他非常拿手捕捉,他會幫你帶出最自然的一面,然後給它們通通留住,再看他拍出來的作品後, 會讓你有「嘩原來當時個畫面係咁靚」的感覺。他亦明白到,每對新人都是第一次,we don’t know what we don’t know. 在 big day 當日, 他會在旁提點流程細節,令你唔會頭腦空白,唔知自己要做 d 咩。
Siuming 拍過好多婚禮, 但看著他當日的表現, 你會知道他有好多時候都是就地取材, 周圍觀察, 靈感到, set, 影, 這樣子。作為新人, 很開心有這樣的攝影師, 影了很多, 還是會真的這樣用心地為你去創作一些屬於你、那時、那個 setting 和氣氛的作品。
這一切好像對 big day 婚攝師好理所當然的 expectation, 其實並非理所當然。試過見過朋友的婚攝師控制不了群眾, 轉個頭反白眼發晦氣, 亦有見過同你一齊笑但唔係影你笑的; 突然間走左去溝姊妹的又有, 全日純影相冇 instruction 冇 pointers 的亦有。所以呢 … 結婚 vendor 就是這樣, 新人付出好多(錢), 考慮很多, 看很多, 但最後, 對不對版, 是否與 expectation 相配, 到你有答案的時候已是婚禮過後了。
最後, Siuming 最強的功力, 是在於他能夠給我們很多「wow」!還記得第一次真正再細看 same day slideshow 的照片後,我和姊妹的反應都很 jaw dropping, 照片美得好震撼。震撼得非常感恩, 感恩他可以把我們當天沒留意到的、陶醉的、感動的點點滴滴都好美好美的捕捉下來, 讓我們以後永遠隨時都可以 relive the moment. 這便是最珍貴及「抵」之處。如果早知道照片會是這樣的震撼,即使 Siuming 當初收費加倍, 我都會毫不猶豫的 engage 他, 然後繼續不知道可以怎樣報答他。

Sarah & Darren


Right after i had my first visit to SiuMing, I already knew you are the only person who could give me what I longing for~ We had a crazily head spinning big day, you are not only just capturing the valuable moments that I might not see it myself on the day, but also beautifully recorded. I then realized you gotta be a superman-like multi-tasking skills to be a truly professional photographer! I know I would not missed a single moments because I have you guys~  You and your team performed far beyond excellence, without you guys, my wedding would not be as smoothed and successful. I am truly thankful and blessed to have SiuMing and your team on my big day.

Simmy & Christopher


It is our great pleasure working with Siu Ming and his team. The team is pleasant, funny, caring, and very detail-oriented.  The professional quality of work was actually spelled well before the wedding day when Fuji assisted in ironing the detail planning.  This marked the insistence on professional quality at each step, which produced products and service that go far beyond excellence. 


We also want to thank Siu Ming for his effort and dedication in editing our same-day-slideshow in such a tight time frame. The slideshow was highly complimented at both of our receptions in Hong Kong and in the States. Every guests were in awe.  


We would highly recommend Siuming Photo to anyone who are planning to join the wedding club.


Once again, thank you to Siu Ming and Team

Quenncy & Kenneth


Thank you so much for capturing the valuable moments which we might have missed otherwise, and for helping us keep a truthful and lovely record of our day. Fuji’s professional assistance along the way is also much appreciated.Many thanks again, and all the best for SiuMing.photo!!


Ivy & Timothy


Thank you once again for the amazing work that you and your team has made! We had so many positive feedback saying the video and photo shoot was SOOOOO pretty. Again, you have prove that I have found the right person to shoot for us on our special day. I have watched the one you gave me that night for at least 10 times and am still enjoying every bits of it.
Fully support you and your wonderful service. Many Thanks SiuMing and the team. 

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Maggie & Ryan

Thank you so much for being our photographer on our wedding day, your team is professional and super! The photo slideshows are just beautiful and we have got very good reviews from our guests already! Every single member of the crew is beyond excellence. Our wedding would not be so successful without the participation of your team. We have definitely made the right choice. Thank you again and we look forward to seeing the photos.

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Iris & Eric



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Zoe & Wesley


Amazing photographs!

It has truly been a pleasant experience working with Siu Ming and team.

Thank you Siu Ming and his team for their professionalism in capturing every sweet and important moment.

In particular, we are impressed by the all-in-one photo/video slide show, it is absolutely beautiful,  high-quality and unique.

Your professionalism, patience and eye for detail can clearly be seen in your work. If either of us hear of any other weddings, we will not hesitate in recommending you as a photographer.


Once again, Big thank you to Siu Ming and Team.

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Mandy & Brian



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Bianca & Henry

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