Right after i had my first visit to SiuMing, I already knew you are the only person who could give me what I longing for~ We had a crazily head spinning big day, you are not only just capturing the valuable moments that I might not see it myself on the day, but also beautifully recorded. I then realized you gotta be a superman-like multi-tasking skills to be a truly professional photographer! I know I would not missed a single moments because I have you guys~  You and your team performed far beyond excellence, without you guys, my wedding would not be as smoothed and successful. I am truly thankful and blessed to have SiuMing and your team on my big day.

Simmy & Christopher


It is our great pleasure working with Siu Ming and his team. The team is pleasant, funny, caring, and very detail-oriented.  The professional quality of work was actually spelled well before the wedding day when Fuji assisted in ironing the detail planning.  This marked the insistence on professional quality at each step, which produced products and service that go far beyond excellence. 


We also want to thank Siu Ming for his effort and dedication in editing our same-day-slideshow in such a tight time frame. The slideshow was highly complimented at both of our receptions in Hong Kong and in the States. Every guests were in awe.  


We would highly recommend Siuming Photo to anyone who are planning to join the wedding club.


Once again, thank you to Siu Ming and Team

Quenncy & Kenneth


Thank you so much for capturing the valuable moments which we might have missed otherwise, and for helping us keep a truthful and lovely record of our day. Fuji’s professional assistance along the way is also much appreciated.Many thanks again, and all the best for SiuMing.photo!!


Ivy & Timothy


Thank you once again for the amazing work that you and your team has made! We had so many positive feedback saying the video and photo shoot was SOOOOO pretty. Again, you have prove that I have found the right person to shoot for us on our special day. I have watched the one you gave me that night for at least 10 times and am still enjoying every bits of it.
Fully support you and your wonderful service. Many Thanks SiuMing and the team. 

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Maggie & Ryan

Thank you so much for being our photographer on our wedding day, your team is professional and super! The photo slideshows are just beautiful and we have got very good reviews from our guests already! Every single member of the crew is beyond excellence. Our wedding would not be so successful without the participation of your team. We have definitely made the right choice. Thank you again and we look forward to seeing the photos.

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Iris & Eric



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Zoe & Wesley


Amazing photographs!

It has truly been a pleasant experience working with Siu Ming and team.

Thank you Siu Ming and his team for their professionalism in capturing every sweet and important moment.

In particular, we are impressed by the all-in-one photo/video slide show, it is absolutely beautiful,  high-quality and unique.

Your professionalism, patience and eye for detail can clearly be seen in your work. If either of us hear of any other weddings, we will not hesitate in recommending you as a photographer.


Once again, Big thank you to Siu Ming and Team.

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Mandy & Brian



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Bianca & Henry

Thanks for being our photographer for our pre-wedding photo and on our big day.  From the angle of a photographer, I think we are difficult clients in the sense that our wedding is just too simple and it’s difficult for a photographer/photo journalist to capture the “stunning” and wonderful moments on the our big day.  But Siu Ming, you did your job well and your make our simple wedding extra-ordinary.  Many of my guests (although we only have small number of guests) were amazed by your photos and the guests being captured by you especially were amazed by your photo taking skills.
To me, I love your artisitic senses and your photos in my big days are not just a record of what it happened, your photos are a piece of art that record the important moments of my wedding.
I hope you enjoy taking photos for us although we are “difficult”.  You have turned ordinary into extraordinary.

Charis & Percy


It has been a pleasure working with Siu Ming Photography. Thank you Siu Ming and his team for their professionalism in capturing the sweet and fun moments. They have managed to maintain a fun atmosphere throughout the day to keep our energy at the maximum levels. Thank you SiuMing and his team for making the most important day of our lives a fun and unforgettable experience! 

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Cory & David

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