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Clients:        Jodie & Francis
Ceremony: St. Margaret’s Church
Banquet:    Grand Ballroom, Intercontinential Hotel, TsimShaTsui

Testimonials from Jodie & Francis:

We were truly blessed to have selected SiuMing for both our Prewedding Photoshoot Photographer & as our Wedding day Chief Photographer. Jodie and my expectations were already quite high after our site visit to SiuMing’s studio for the first time, and in the end we were surely not disappointed. Not only SiuMing is a very experienced and talented photographer, but he also treated every frame of photo with heart and dedicated to ensure that each one came out perfect. 

Our prewedding photoshoot took us to both Paris and Provence, where we each spent one day at each location shooting at different spots within the cities. One thing that we truly appreciated during the Paris photoshoot is that if one photo spot doesn’t work out, SiuMing would always have a backup solution so that our day would still be very efficient and productive. Our Provence photoshoot was definitely a first for both us and SiuMing, as the aviation theme and photoshooting with aircrafts were mostly definitely the highlight of our prewedding photoshoot trip. “Improvising” was always SiuMing’s speciality, and that is exactly why our prewedding photoshoot trip was so successful.

Our wedding day shoot went without any issues, and Siuming being the chief photographer, leading his crew received a lot of “wows” and “ooohs” from our guests when the same day photos were displayed during the dinner banquet. All of the feedbacks were so positive from our guests, and we could not have asked for a better result of the photos!

SiuMing has been an indispensible part of our wedding preparation journey; I can say with sure confidence that without SiuMing and the wonderful photos that he has created, our wedding day would surely have been a lackluster event. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend SiuMing to anyone I know in the future.

SiuMing, from the bottom of our heart, a BIG THANK YOU for being our photographer!!!


Jodie & Francis

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