Snow White

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What an interesting & exciting project!

Never though I could have shooting in such amazing snow scenery in Hong Kong!! Thank for the arrangement & gown rental from Kir Royal, as well as the professional makeup service by Gingko makeup team.

This outcome is the best reward for everyone involved 😉

. Makeup by: Gingko Makeup Team (
. Gown by: Kir Royal (
. Snow production: Orient Unlimited ( SMP_9904 SMP_9900 SMP_9899 SMP_9888 SMP_9886 SMP_9841 SMP_9840 SMP_9813 SMP_9805 SMP_9795 SMP_9782 SMP_9780 SMP_9777 SMP_9750 SMP_9749 SMP_9744 SMP_9731 SMP_9713 SMP_9708 SMP_9701_FB

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