2018 – SiuMing One & Only Europe Tour – Greece

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We will confirm to have photo shooting in Santorini. Actually there are 2 famous island perfectly for prewedding shooting – Santorini & Mykonos. Here is the works taken by SiuMing before!

If you’re interested to have one special & stylish prewedding photos taken by SiuMing, don’t be hesitate to contact us for more details!

2018 SiuMing Europe Tour 

經已落實: 日期: 2018 年 6月28 - 7月20 (TBC) 地點: 巴黎/倫敦/希臘 / 更多! 檔期有限,想揀到心水日子到你想地方拍攝就快快聯絡我地喇! 
如果一次過 Join Wedding Package 更有 Special offer 總值超過 !!!! 

email: [email protected]
whtsapp: 6396 6994

Greece_Prewedding_Santorini_Mykonos_02 Greece_Prewedding_Santorini_Mykonos_03 Greece_Prewedding_Santorini_Mykonos_04 Greece_Prewedding_Santorini_Mykonos_05 Greece_Prewedding_Santorini_Mykonos_06 Greece_Prewedding_Santorini_Mykonos_07 Greece_Prewedding_Santorini_Mykonos_08 Greece_Prewedding_Santorini_Mykonos_09 Greece_Prewedding_Santorini_Mykonos_10 Greece_Prewedding_Santorini_Mykonos_11 Greece_Prewedding_Santorini_Mykonos_12 Greece_Prewedding_Santorini_Mykonos_13

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